HFG provides free, ongoing support

HFG provides free, ongoing support to women, children and teens who have experienced abuse so they can work towards rebuilding confidence and self-love and re-establishing connections with family and friends.

HFG provides free, ongoing support

In adjusting to the new normal of COVID-19, we have moved some of our programs and services online and are in the process of preparing other programs for our online platform.

Please stay safe.

HFG Hugs!

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  • I feel very blessed to have come in contact with HFG Happy Families and their services. I do not feel like I am all alone. My child and I can seek help. We will be heard. We will not be judged. We have HFG Happy Families to support and surround us. HFG Happy Families brings new hope, new light and new joy (just name a few) in our lives.
    To me, HFG Happy Families is a like a beacon of hope. I cannot express the critical moment when HFG Happy Families came into my life.
    Trying to navigate through several protective systems has been overwhelming. Then, being violated and abused within these protective systems have been very difficult.
    My child and I are looking forward to the monthly support group meeting.
    My child gets more opportunities to play, connect, lots of fun and exercise.
    I hope that HFG Happy Families will continue to spread their Hugs, Support and their Assistance with other families. Thank you so much for coming into our lives.
    Wishing HFG Happy Families the very best in their endeavours, spreading hope, support, friendships and Happy Families.

    A.P. ~ February 18, 2015
  • Dear Leonie,
    Thank you for sharing your newsletter with me. I enjoyed reading it because it was light, fun and informative. This, and future updates, should ensure that the target audience is sensitized to HFG’s existence and what it offers. The writing style gave the impression that someone was talking to me – it felt personal. That is really a nice touch.
    I would like to congratulate you on taking the initiative to launch a service that is much needed for women who perhaps didnt have a voice, a friend, a source of comfort after undergoing a traumatic situation of abuse. To me, HFG seems to be providing a vital resource base and an uncomplicated support group for vulnerable women and children. The world needs many more such organizations.
    Best of luck and continue the good work

    Andrea LM Wilson ~ New York ~ September 4, 2014
  • Indeed a Happy-1st anniversary!! and many more to come!!!
    Today I felt that the collective healing was presented!! Thank you so much for arranging to have T’ameaux such a great healer. Can not wait for the upcoming meetings. Please let  me know if there is any thing that you like me to assist with!

    Leticia ~ October 26, 2013
  • HFG helped me return to school to obtain my culinary arts degree that I started many years prior. Many thanks to Leonie for believing in me and over all just being a wonderful lady.

    Lisa Elliot ~ September 3, 2015
  • My home away from home. I love it. Thanks Leonie, all the women and the wonderful volunteers.

    Sharon Mifsud ~ November 30, 2016
  • HFG is doing amazing things for woman and children in our community that need help and support. I am so proud to support this wonderful organization that focuses on important issues that make a world of difference to the people they help. Keep up the great work HFG, and Leonie, you’ll always have my support!

    Stacey Simon ~ January 22, 2017